The House Moving Day is Near: What to DO?
You will soon be having Your long distance moving day and your belongings are still on the way, or you even do not have a new address. You do not want to stay in a hotel until the moment that everything arrives, but you can not sleep in an empty house either. The arrival in the new country can sometimes be chaotic, hence some tips to get through this period the smoothest:

Serviced Apartments:
These are apartments that are furnished as a house but with service as you are used to at a hotel. Here you can count on a cleaning service, bed linen and towels and a fully equipped kitchen. This can be very positive if you are waiting for your container and do not have a new address yet. From this apartment, you can also get your business in the new country on order. Things such as:
Finding a house or apartment
Renting or buying a car
Purchasing new furniture for your home

Find a doctor - find online what the equivalent of a GP is in your country of destination. The procedure for registering with a GP varies enormously per country. It can take some time and is therefore not something you want to do when you need the doctor.

Leftover stuff
After each move, things remain behind that you want to get rid of. With a long distance move, it can become a lot of stuff because the costs increase quickly the more space you need. That is why we have some tips on what you can do with these left-behind items.

Donate - do you have items left behind that are still in good condition? Then use this website to find the foundations in your area:
Donate things:
Sales second - This takes a bit more time, but it is always a possibility to sell stuff through second-hand sites. This may even result in pocket money that you can spend on new items at your new address.
Household storage - Many removal companies can also offer storage space for items that do not have to be included. This is particularly attractive for those who leave abroad on a temporary basis of 3 years.
Rent your house - do you have a lot of furniture left behind in your home? Then rent your home through a broker or other professional intermediary. You can even raise the price a bit because it can be rented out as a furnished house.
Brokers in your area:
Ask family and friends - who know, one of your family members or friends has always wanted your car. Leaving things with a friend is of course always much more reassuring than with a stranger or a company.

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