Why Amsterdam Light Festival is the Best in World
Many cultures around the world fight against the gloomy darkness that the winter season brings with some form of the festival of light. Perhaps the oldest and best known light festival in the world occurs in old Indian tradition and is celebrated after the summer harvest around October. This event is known as Diwali, meaning series of lights, and it is still celebrated to this day in Hindu and Sikh religion. The celebration brings with it a wealth of tradition such as feasts, drinks, sweets, present giving and of course, light and candle decorations.

In the modern day, this tradition has been updated and used as a way for creatives from all over the world to share their art with a light installation or display. Here is a list that breaks down the highlights of some of the best light festivals from around the world.

Kobe Luminarie Festival - Japan
Originally meant as a one-time event to commemorate the Great Hanshin earthquake, this festival started in 1995. It proved to be popular and continues to this day as the demand for it was and is still so high, and it is not difficult to see why. The installations are vast and breathtaking and light up the city against the cold December backdrop.

Glow light festival - Eindhoven
This festival celebrates its 11th successive year in November of 2016 with the theme of Science and the city. The previous year the installation luminaire de cagna stunned visitors with its striking resemblance to an Italian Renaissance building that stood an impressive 25 meters high by 20 meters wide.

Light festival - Amsterdam
Not to be outdone by its sister in the south, Amsterdam also hosts a light festival every December in January and has done every year since 2011. You can explore the installations either on the walking route or by canal cruise in a heated boat complete with drinks. This is the perfect way to spend a long dark winter evening, admiring dynamic art from the comfort of your cruise.

Festival of Lights - Berlin
Each year since 2005, Germany’s capital city has transformed itself into a glowing winter wonderland for two weeks in October.The festival is composed of not only light installations but also 3D mappings and projections. The city offers ‘sightseeing’ tours throughout this period where you can discover the artworks using a diverse range of transportation methods and even by horse and cart!

Ice sculptures and light festival - Harbin
Although not well known, China hosts one of the biggest light festivals in the world. They combine light art with ice sculptures and even have sculpting competitions. Held in January, this festival has a truly magical wintery feel to it!

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