Major Jaw-dropping Things to expect in Fifty Shades Freed
Classic as it sounds, Fifty Shades Freed’s release nears, every day that passes by. The episodes of Fifty Shades of GREY & Darker, are all outstanding for us, but nothing seems more rejuvenating like the FREED episode. The FREED episode literally drives us away from the mysteries that filled the Darker episode, but the installment also has its dark side. Let’s uncover the jaw-dropping things to expect in Fifty Shades Freed;

Anastasia Dakota Johnson fifty shades freed 2018
Christian Grey becomes the Submissive!
From the first installment (Fifty Shades of Grey), Christian Grey delivered a contract to Anastasia Steele “Ana” and one of the rules required her to be a compliant submissive with Christian as the Dominant. That has prevailed until the second installment. From the moment Ana uncovered the major truth about herself, Christian seemed lost in her arms, though heavily captivated by his dark past. Until the FREED episode, the era of dominance disappears

Nothing less, but a dream wedding!
Ladies, how dashing is every aspect of Grey and Ana’s wedding in the trailer? Fabulous and a total depiction of elegance, yet simple. The marriage ceremony will automatically headline the lists of the breathtaking scenes in the FREED episode. From the kiss, the look in the eyes! Nothing is left for imagination

Ana is pregnant without Grey’s Approval!
This is major news to us, but to the former dominant, this is a myth and something unacceptable. Christian’s past was badly wounded, something that introduced him to the BDSM lifestyle. Growing up in a foster home wasn’t that bad, but the woman who introduced him to the BDSM society almost crushed his enviable life. The FREED episode frees him, however, the pregnancy news are a major conflict for him. Later on, he accepts after realizing that his wife “Ana” strongly desires to start a family with only him.

MR. & Mrs. Grey’s family Enlarges- who ever expected that?
After understanding that marriage is a sacred union with a special gift of procreation, Christian Grey openly and willingly agrees to enlarge his family with Ana. The first son is Theodore, but guess what, by the end of it, Ana is pregnant again and it’s a girl. However, our novel readers confirm that Ana and Grey had more children than what the film depicts. Anyway, the best thing is that he lastly accepted to be a family guy.

Charming, Virtuous, & an Invincible Mrs. Grey 
Upon her arrival from the honeymoon, Ana, now Mrs. Grey is totally a myth. Simple, desirable, but definitely a Poseidon. She takes over a new role as the commissioning editor at SIP (Seattle Independent Publishing) company and one attribute about her is her professional conduct. A desirable lady, friend, and wife.

Prevailing & new Foes
Mrs. Robinson is about to be closed in the old boxes as she openly comes out to antagonize Christian and Ana’s marriage. In addition, Elena Lincoln is still in touch with Christian, but how far will they go before Mrs. Grey learns about it?
Jake Hyde, is back! Ana’s former boss seeks revenge for having been kicked out of his company. He desires to kidnap Ana, but instead fails and heads to Mia Grey. 

The dark past!
The FREED episode emphasizes that Christian Grey is an adopted son, and it also enlights how Christian and Jack grew up in the same foster home. This is after Mrs. Grey’s recovery from an attack.

The Happy Ending!
Fifty Shades Freed trailer gives us a glimpse of what is called a happy thereafter, but only the whole episode can truly deliver what we are all yearning to witness. Mr. and Mrs. Grey are married, they both manage to overcome their enemies, they have one child, Ana is expecting again, and their wealth follows them!. That is what Fifty Shades FREED ironically means

Fifty Shades Freed will drop in the theaters starting from 7th February and will continue until 16 February. It is both the third and last installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy of the film and the novel series. It stars Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, who have both been the main stars from the first installment of the film series. They are joined by Kim Basinger, Rita Ora, Cullum Keith Rennie, Eloise Mumford, Luke Grimes, Marcia Gay Harden, Eric Johnson, Max Martini among others. The film is set to be released by Universal Pictures

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