BlackMonk CMS

The Next Generation CMS platform

BlackMonk has two options to serve the Mid sized companies and the larger publishing companies. They have two editions SaaS(Software as a Service) and an Enterprise Edition(Full source code access)

You will also get infinite customization with changing the feel and look of your website interface, With SaaS you can easily enter your own content and you don’t need to be a developer or a designer to make it look good.They have pre-defined themes for every vertical.

BlackMonk does support multilingual and multi-city features to roll out your portal with major races around the world.

The catch with BlackMonk is, of course, that the few themes it offers only go so far and you’ll likely quickly find that the one-size-fits-all offering doesn’t quite fit what you want. That said, it’s a great place to start out, since it only requires the investment of your time to get a site online.