5 Tips For Keeping Your Hair From Getting Greasy Overnight

Many people are suffering from their oily hair. Owning this type of hair will keep your hair in greasy like you have not washed your hair for a long time. Besides, you also have problems with hair fall, tangle, dandruff, and loss of aesthetic. And you will find this situation even worse when you get up in the morning. You have to shampoo your hair every day, but the grease does not go away, and it makes you feel unconcerned about communication.
Not only one but many causes lead to greasy hair, include the overproduction of sebaceous glands on the scalp, the imbalance of the hormones. Besides, how you take care of hair is also an important cause of your oily hair. For example, scrubbing hair strongly when shampooing; washing, combing hair too often; incorrect use of hair care products.
This article lists some simple but practical tips to help you keep your hair from getting greasy overnight.
How to keep your hair from getting greasy overnight
Use the right shampoo
If you want to get rid of this hair condition, say goodbye to shampoos containing moisturizing or smoothing ingredients. You may find that your hair is too moist to use these shampoos. Instead, pay attention to the components of your shampoo when shopping, and choose the shampoo for oily hair, as well as those that strengthen and support hair balancing.
Shampoo products which have a function of preventing dandruff should also be noted. You may mistakenly think that dandruff usually comes with dry hair, but not so, dandruff is also a frequent manifestation of oily hair. Because the greasy hair produces too much oil, then the micro-fungi on the scalp use these excess oils as foods and cause dandruff.
Dry shampoo is also an excellent choice for oily hair due to the oil and unpleasant odor absorbing characteristics. Use oil before the bedtime, and the next morning you will see the better result.
How you wash your hair
The way you shampoo also helps to keep your hair from getting greasy overnight. Properly shampooing help your scalp not only be clean but also balance moisture for your hair, and signal the sebaceous glands to stop working anymore.
Follow these steps when shampooing:
  • First of all, remember to comb your hair before you start shampooing. Because doing this removes tangled hair, damaged hair and softens hair.
  • Pay attention to the thickness and length of your hair to use the appropriate amount of shampoo. Also, shampooing twice is right for your hair as it will help your hair get rid of dirt and excess oil, as well as boost your hair.
  • The sebaceous glands can identify scrubbing the scalp as a sign that they can produce more oil. So stop this, and only massage your hair and scalp gently when you wash your hair unless you want your hair to be greasier.
  • Hot water is a stimulant for sebum secretion as it expands pores. So avoid washing your hair with too hot water and get used to doing this with cold water.
  • Finally, let your hair dry naturally, limiting the use of hair dryers. You think using them makes your hair drier, thereby reducing the oiliness. In contrast, your scalp is dry, which means lack of moisture, then the sebaceous glands will provide more oil. And this makes your hair greasy all day.
Adjust your sleeping position
You may not think about it, but your sleeping position also affects a lot of your hair care. As mentioned above, the sebaceous glands work much better at night. These work all night and produce oil throughout your scalp and hair. To keep your hair from getting greasy overnight, place your hair up or tie your hair loose. Doing this makes the oil to flow down, and you will wake up with less oily and smoother hair.
Wash your pillow regularly
No doubt your pillowcase is a top agent for your oily hair. That is because this is home to millions of bacteria, and contains dead scalp cells, dandruff, excess oil and dirt. If you leave the pillow without washing, all of those will come back to your head soon. Remember to wash your pillow regularly to protect your scalp and skin.
Apply the right diet
A reasonable diet is also a worth mentioning not only in keeping your hair from getting greasy overnight but also in your health.
  • Provide your body with B Vitamins, especially B2 and B6, by eating foods such as fish, meat, some kinds of vegetables, beans, or B vitamin supplements.
  • Limit foods high in fat: trans fats (candy, fried foods) or saturated fats (meat, milk products). However, fatty acids found in nuts, seeds are essential for your hair.
  • Supply Zinc, a mineral that helps regulate the secretion of oil, by eating red meat, oysters, seeds, or grains.
Here are a few essential tips to keep your hair from getting greasy overnight. Hopefully, the information given in the article will be useful for you as well as your taking care of the greasy hair.

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