Cat & Fiddle Pub on the TransCanada Highway

With a Jager machine serving $3.50 ice-cold servings, a stellar selection of about 20 beers on tab and a huge open public house seating, The Cat & Fiddle at 540 16th Ave NW is most certainly a reliable watering hole for locals and the travellers moving through Calgary.

Greeted by beautiful servers and a handsome boyish-looking bartender (Steve) one merely needs to meander through the milling crowd of the ecclectic crosssection (slowly in order to take it all in) and find a clean table; a favourable (and less conspicuous place) is behind the raised seated area directly across from the main bar.

Despite the numerous tvs throughout the house (mounted high on walls beneath the huge vaulted ceilings), the noise is nearly unbearable. A series of “Eff you(s)!” breaks out from a three man grouping lining the bar, causing a slight decrease in the din. Surprisingly to a newcomer, this loud and sudden outburst does not even cause a noticeable stirring or head turns from the apparent regulars or a raised eyebrow from Steve (the bartender) who single-handledly continues to pull, pour and produce cocktails, brews and bevvies from behind his massive safety zone.

Much to a newcomer's surprise, Steve appears only moments later to apologize to this newcomer for the obvious discomfort the outburst had caused her.

By then, Kristen, a most beautiful and bright young server, has placed the dinner special on the small round table, also uttering her apologies for the patron’s outburst and issues a mild warning about a stray bird that has made an appearance and could be perched in the beams high above my head which may also disturb my sense of security …. if I stay long enough.


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