Amazing Tips and Techniques of Photography

Being a photographer, it is essential to learn the new photography tips and techniques to keep the clients satisfied and happy. Mastering new techniques and tips of photography cannot only bring new possibilities for the customers, but for the photographers as well. It is a really good idea to keep learning new techniques time to time. No matter if you have a number of latest equipment or cameras, you need to make use of amazing techniques for capturing the outstanding pictures. If you are the portfolio photographer in Pune and looking to enhance your photography skills, learn the basic as well as advanced tips for taking your photography skills to the next level.

Here are some of the outstanding tips and techniques for photography:

  • Shooting in burst mode:
No matter if you are capturing the portrait of a child or any model; change your camera’s settings to fastest drive setting. Don’t try to machine gun the shutter release, rather try clicking pictures in short bursts to make sure that you are clicking a fleeting range of expressions. Implementing this technique can help you to capture many random clicks that may look beautiful. As a portfolio photographer in Pune, it is good for you to follow this amazing technique of photography.
  • Focus on the eyes:
Since there is no such compulsion on eye contact in a portrait, but sharp eyes are to be focused necessarily. To focus on the eyes, select an AF point that needs to be placed over the eyes of a model or a photographer can also make use of the central focus point to focus on the eyes.
  • Use aperture priority mode:
Using aperture priority, it is possible to control over the aperture directly and therefore, control over the depth of the field. To get a shallow depth of the field, you need to use the fast prime lenses like 85mm f/1.2, 50mm f/1.4. Doing so would offer a professional quality to your pictures by offering out of focus backgrounds.
  • Motion Blur:
Motion Blur is an effective technique of clicking a picture of the moving subject. This type of technique is commonly used in the sports photography. For capturing the motion blur picture, you need to slow down the speed of shutter and to hold the camera in a still position as soon as the subject starts moving. It would give a different type of experience by keeping the subject in focus and background blurred.
  • High-key portraits:
Over-exposing a picture for creating high-key effect results is basically used for enhancing the feminine portraits. To create the high-key portraits, you are not required to blow the highlights in camera, rather there is a need to brighten up the picture later using any renowned photo editing software like Photoshop.

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