Does Manual Testing Have a Role in DevOps?

With the emergence of DevOps, the gap between development and testing has been bridged. These two stages are no longer considered two separate entities but rather a collaborated process where things happen simultaneously. DevOps can be treated as a revolution that has enabled organizations to perform more efficiently and deliver faster results.
role of Manual Tester in DevOps

While quality remains the topmost priority, the responsibilities of developers and testers have widened. Both are now responsible for preventing errors. Developers have to prevent leakages to QA and testers have to prevent them from reaching the end user.One obvious inference is that since DevOps is all about faster time to market, manual Software testing does not have a future in DevOps.

This blog will discuss how manual testing can be as efficient as automatic testing in certain settings. It will elaborate on the role that manual testing has in DevOps.

How Frequently Do You Release Products?

DevOps is a boon for organizations that release Software on a frequent basis. And, if you are one of those, then manual testing might not be an ideal choice for obvious reasons. Manual testing is time-consuming and in an environment where there are fortnight releases, there is always a race against time.

However, if you are not releasing Software on a frequent basis, then manual Software testing can work just fine for you. Manual testing has a human touch which might be prone to error but is more capable than machines in a lot of ways. Some Software might just need that kind of testing and that is where manual testing works wonders.

How Do You Define Quality?

Your quality parameter is also extremely important in deciding what type of testing you should opt for. Many organizations have strict and precise tests that can only be done quickly using automatic testing because the time requirement and quality delivery is high in automation.

On the other hand, if your quality parameters are too complex or maybe too simple than Manual Software Testing can be of use. In these cases, automatic testing might require extensive customization which might be too costly or in case of simple checks, automatic testing would not turn out to be a feasible choice for organizations.

What Does Your Product Require?

Manual Software testing can never really be out of fashion in some types of businesses. Many Software or applications require specific types of checks that cannot be generalized. A human is required to check those things and as a result, automatic testing is not a solution in those cases.

An example can be checking for typos. Major Spell-check and grammar testing tools are inadequate to check for typos and as a result proofreading by manual QAs is the only feasible solution at the present time. There can be many such instances where the manual testing is required.

If you are an organization with DevOps, share your need or transition from manual testing and let the world learn from your experiences.

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