Planning your stay in Baku, Azerbaijan

When you first land in the city of Baku, you’ll be surprised and astonished by the fusion of the old and the modern cultures. The city is the personification of the old era blending seamlessly with the modern one. Azerbaijan is a perfect getaway in the Eurasian region. The modern and splendid skyscrapers here might remind you of Dubai and the culture here might make you feel nostalgic about Paris. Thus, if you’re visiting Baku, you’re getting the best of both worlds. And, if you plan ahead, you can get surprisingly good deals at hotels here in Baku.

Accommodation in Baku, Azerbaijan
The city has no shortage of hotels as they are spread out in the city. Although, you’ll find that the high-end hotels and a lot of other properties are located near the city center. Baku Boulevard is a very popular spot amongst the tourists and you’ll find that a lot of hotels are situated near this area and the neighboring areas of Milli Park. But not to worry as there are a lot of hotels in this area catering to different budgets. If you are planning a budget vacation, you can save some money by booking early and getting 3-star and 4-star rated properties. Let’s find about the best 3-star and 4-star places to stay in the area.

3-star Hotels in Baku
Of the numerous Baku hotels, 3-star rated properties are the best choice when it comes to the perfect blend of price and good staying experience. You can find many hotels in the old city which is also known as IceriShahar. Some of the gems worth mentioning are:

Buta Guest House: This charming and quiet hotel is your best bet if you are looking for a decent hotel on a budget. Located right in the center of the old city, nothing is far from this property. The rooms are limited so there’s more privacy and silence. The breakfast spread is decent and there’s an old Azeri charm to the place.

Museum Inn Boutique Hotel: Moving up the price range, we have this antique hotel with an old-school charm. The rooms are beautiful and spacious with a nice view. The breakfast served here is delicious with a friendly staff.

Old Street Boutique Hotel: This is the best 3-star hotel and one of the most popular choices for accommodation among tourists. Located in the old city, you get an amazing breakfast, incredible service, nice rooms with all the modern fittings and a great view of the city.

4-star Hotels in Baku
Moving up from the budget category are the 4-starHotels Baku Azerbaijan has to offer. The rooms will be bigger with better service and more amenities. Here are the ones you should look for.

QafqazBaku City Hotel: This magnificent property is located right in the heart of the business district. The rooms are huge with a delicious breakfast spread every morning. There are conference rooms as well as an open-air restaurant on the 18th floor. The staff is very friendly and goes above and beyond for their guests.

Ramada Baku: Although located a little far from the city center, the hotel is very well connected via immaculate roads and public transport. This incredible hotel has its very own beachfront where the guests can relax in peace. Rooms have a beautiful view and the food here is incredible. Worth staying at.

Hayat Regency Baku: This incredible property pampers its guests from the moment they arrive. With spacious and beautiful rooms, the Hotel is located in a quiet locality. Restaurants here serve delicious food and there’s an outdoor pool. Known for its service, the hotel is an excellent choice for a family stay.

If you book well in advance, you may even get special prices on high priced 4-star properties. When booking, make sure the hotel is well connected to the city center. Check the reviews left by previous visitors to get an insight into which rooms to book and what to look for. And most of all, don’t forget to enjoy your stay in the city of Baku.

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