Is Your Bald Spot Causing Your Embarrassment?

If you happen to ask any random man if they have any insecurity regarding their physical appearance, then the fear of going bald would be a common complaint. Male pattern baldness is a common issue that strikes many men in their prime. Hair, although a superficial addition to our body, is directly related to self-esteem and how confident we feel in ourselves. Balding men can often find themselves hiding the bald spots with unique techniques such as a cap or combing the hair in certain partitions.

While balding is a natural process that occurs to everyone, for some it can be like an unwelcome gift that strikes them in their mid-30s or 40s. While some men learn to cope with their baldness and even go as far as making it a part of their identity, others associate considerable shame with it.

The thinning of the hair usually starts at the temple, giving an unpleasant widow’s peak, thus making the forehead broader.

What Causes Hair Loss?

One of the best hair doctor in Chennai says that a number of factors work in conjunction to produce baldness and hair loss. Genes play a decisive role in this problem. If you have a parent or relative with this hair loss and early baldness problem, then chances are, you might become an unfortunate victim of it. Additionally, stress can elevate cortisol level in the body which is known to cause significant hair loss. Depression, coronary diseases, and cancer are also known causal factors of male pattern baldness.

What is the Remedy?

When it comes to hair loss, prevention is the best cure. It is always advisable to take good care of your hair. Using harsh hair products, bleach, not oiling or cleaning the hair on a regular basis can ruin the integrity of the hair, making it vulnerable to damage.

While steroid injections give beneficial results, the outcome is transient and lasts for only a couple of months. Additionally, it produces too many side effects which make the treatment not worth all the pain and hassles.

Hair transplant seems to be the only permanent solution when it comes to getting your hair back. It is the best long-term remedy for the problem. Hair transplant clinic consists of competent professionals and hair doctors who graft skin from the back of your back that has hair and patches it on the spots where you are going bald.

With any hesitation, you can head to to look at some of the best hair transplant results. The whole process is not only completely safe but also provides promising results. Hair transplantation is perhaps the only remedy for baldness that is not only 100% full-proof but also gives the most long-lasting results without any significant adverse effects.

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