How to Prevent Gallstones When You Have Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s disease is a condition that affects the patient’s digestive tract where the bowels are subject to recurring inflammation. Most often, Crohn’s disease has an effect on the small intestine and the start of the colon. 

Doctors say that it is different from ulcerative colitis that usually affects only the colon. People suffering from Crohn’s disease are prone to developing gallbladder stones. It can cause inflammation in the small intestine affecting its ability to absorb bile salts released by the gallbladder. This results in the formation of gallbladder stones that often require Gall bladder stone treatment

Bile salts are responsible for binding cholesterol to make it water-soluble and when this functionality is compromised, cholesterol can collect in the gallbladder to form stones.
symptoms of Gallbladder stones

What are the Symptoms of Gallbladder Stones?

Most patients with gallstones show no symptoms and probably don’t require Gallbladder stones surgery or treatment. However, gallbladder stones can cause discomfort when they move into the bile ducts creating blockages. 

The blockage of bile ducts by the gallstones is also referred to as ‘gallbladder attack’ and its symptoms include:
  • Pain under the right shoulder 
  • Steady pain in the upper right quadrant that appears all of a sudden and lasts for about 30 odd minutes 
  • Pain in the back between the shoulder blades
It is necessary to consult your doctor when you experience any of these symptoms. Moreover, if the symptoms become severe such as-
  • Prolonged pain 
  • Clay-colored stools
  • Fever
  • Vomiting and nausea 
  • Yellowing of skin or eyes 
Seek Medical Attention Immediately:
Gall bladder stone treatment generally includes dissolution therapy such as medications that break up the stones, or shock wave therapies. And in rare cases, surgical treatment to remove the gallbladder is necessary. 

Preventing Gallbladder Stones When You Have Crohn’s Disease:

As said, patients with Crohn’s disease are more exposed to developing gallbladder stones due to the complex bodily processes involving malabsorption of bile acids.

A gastroenterologist claims that because patients who have had surgical intestinal resection for Crohn’s are at a bigger risk for gallbladder stones, treating the syndrome to evade surgery is the best possible way to prevent gallbladder stones. Apart from avoiding surgery, preventing gallbladder stones when you have Crohn’s disease engross the same measures as preventing gallbladder stones for everyone. 
  • Being aware of certain medications that can increase the risk for gallbladder stones is necessary. Medications like hormone replacement medicines and cholesterol-lowering drugs are to start with 
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption 
  • Limit sugary treats including other sources of added sugar in your diet along with refined carbohydrates 
  • Focus on eating healthy mono-unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats 
  • Regular exercise is necessary. Exercise daily for about 30 minutes. Even a simple walk or jog is healthy.
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight  
When Gallbladder Surgery is Necessary?

The presence of gallbladder stones doesn’t mean it is necessary to remove the gallbladder. The main reason for removing gallbladder include the repeated occurrence of cholecystitis (infection of the gallbladder) or bile or pancreatitis stones.

Gallbladder stones surgery, although can be performed to reduce the symptoms and pain of gallstone, it may also bring familiar yet unpleasant symptoms like diarrhea. 

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