5 Reasons Why Crops Tops Made a Comeback

Crop tops were the quintessential fashion statement of the roaring 90s when everyone from pop stars to the next-door girls was seen donning the Designer Crop Tops.

The apparel went temporarily out of style in the 2000s, opting for designer t shirts for women in its stead. Crop tops made an explosive comeback in 2015 when they started making an appearance everywhere, from runways to local shopping malls. Fashion industries regurgitate styles after every couple of years, creating a continuous cycle. So, it was of no surprise when the crop tops made a comeback in this millennium again.

Crop Tops, small and unique pieces of women clothing have made their way back into the fashion world to explore style. A girl can pair with these crop tops with high wasted shorts, skirt, peplum pant, palazzo pant and in many more ways to look adorable. The crop top shows a bit more skin than normal, but in this modern age online shopping crop tops come in different style and designs. When you wear a crop top with high-waisted, tailored pants, you’ll be the most fashion-forward person in the office. You can never get bored of styling your crop top.
While some fashionistas embraced the comeback with open arms, others were a little skeptical about it. So, why have crop tops made the comeback? Let’s look into the reasons-

The “Cool” Factor-
Well, there is no beating around the bush with this. Crop tops imbue a style statement that is low maintenance yet remarkable enough to draw people’s eyes. It is the perfect attire for laid back women who still want to appear fashionable. Not only are they “cool”, but they also help to keep you cool. Crop tops are the perfect ally for concerts or other congested house parties. You can easily maintain your comfort along with looking drop dead gorgeous with little to no effort.

Pair with jeans and sneakers to get a sporty vibe that you can easily rock at a sports event or for a regular walk in the evening. For a more glamorous look, dress it up with a skirt that is the perfect attire for a first date or a formal gala at your school or college.
There are So Many Styles-
Crop tops have come a long way since the 90s. Today, the attire is available in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Gone are the days when the crop tops revealed more than it concealed. From a tiny sliver which makes a tiny window that allows only a peek-a-boo of your stomach to a more daring look, the choices are aplenty. While some crop tops come with huge ruffles, others have a more somber look with a muted color scheme and understated design. Be it bold and sassy or calm and conservative, there is a crop top out there for everyone.
Perfect Figure-
Women crop tops are the perfect attire for individuals who are on the heavier side of the spectrum. Since the crop tops end just below the ribcage, it gives a thinner silhouette, making you look leaner and taller. They are the perfect accomplice of a woman with toned abs as well, giving just enough window to showcase the hard work.
Because They Are Simply Awesome-
Every garment of clothing has its own appeal and charm. While dresses are an all-time favorite for parties and dates, crop tops are the most versatile article that you can don anywhere from a casual meet-up to a semi-formal party. Find your favorite length and fit and keeping the look balanced. Need I go on?
While some may have an issue with this ubiquitous style, the fashion trend is here to stay and prove them wrong.

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