4 Best Quilting Magazines

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Are you a beginner quilter or seasoned quilter looking for innovative ideas, tips, and inspiration from other quilters? One of the best places to get all these is a quilting magazine!

From a quilting magazine, quilters can gain confidence to do projects that are more challenging, get tips on how to handle quilter's challenges, and gain inspiration from pictures of completed projects.

Check out the list of quilting magazines below.

1. Quiltmaker Magazine

The Quiltmaker Magazine has lots of articles that highlight designs, instructions, and techniques to inspire quilters to creativity. Each new issue has tips, tricks and patterns that benefit quilters of all skill levels, as well as quick projects for gifts and home decorating, and product reviews.

2. McCall's Magazine

If you are looking for a magazine that has instructional and technical guides as well as articles that explain traditional quilting methods, McCall's magazine is perfect for you! This beautiful magazine, written for hand and machine quilters, has lots of photos, gift ideas and holiday and season-inspired patterns.

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3. Fons and Porters Love of Quilting

Liz Porter and Marianne Fons established this magazine as a source of insider tips and secrets on quilting. Over the years, this magazine has enabled many quilters to achieve success in their quilting projects, thanks to its quilting patterns with simple instructions, inspirational pictures, and monthly quilting projects.

4. Quilting Arts Magazine

The Quilting Arts Magazine is one of the magazines that encourages quilters to create unique pieces of art. Inside this magazine, you will find details on different techniques of embellishment, surface designs and different types of quilting.

In addition, there are tips for quilters of all skill levels, as well as articles from world-renowned quilters.

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