3 elements of writing an essay

It does not matter if it is about some scholarship, class work, or even a contest all students take it as a devastating experience. Since essay writing process is quite a challenging role, there are some useful tips that will aid in breaking such processes to minor divisions. Therefore, for students to be in a position of writing fruitful essays they should critically follow these tips outlined in the article despite its motive. When writing there are3 key elements that should be considered.
Element 1: Select a good essay topic
Your instructor may decide to give you a topic to write,or he/she may decide to come with your topic of your own for your essay. Therefore, when it happens that you are given a topic to write about, you should figure out the kind of paper you want to present to your audience. Must it be a wide-ranging view of the subject or focusing on a specific subject? However, when you are not given a topic to write about this would rather be very easy, since you will have the chance of selecting your topic from a wide range of topics that fascinates you.
This will also depend whether your essay aims at persuasion or informing. After you have come up with a resolute aim for your essay, you should then find out what interests you. Lastly, you should assess your preferences for your essay. Since you aim of your essay is educating, you should select a topic that you clearly know more about. On the other hand, if your essay is intended to persuade, then you should choose a subject that is very passionate about yourself. Whatsoever the duty of your essays is said to meet you should always make sure that it always fascinates the reader.
Element 2: Draw an outline of your ideas
In order for you to come up with a successful essay, you should be in a position of organizing your own thoughts and mind in order for them to be one. This is always achieved by taking all data from your mind and putting it into paper, which helps you find a clear linkage between your ideas. Thus, this arrangement will tend to be a fundamental structure of your essay.
Element 3: Come up with your own thesis statement
Since you have come up with a nice topic for your essay and there is a clear outline of your ideas to come up with a good thesis statement. The main aim of your thesis statement is giving the reader more detail about your essay. This is achieved through you know the main idea you tend to portray.Conclusively, you should go through what you have written and check it out if it really brings some sense. Ensure that the sentence structure in your essay is flowing and you can add some phrases, which will help in aligning your thoughts and ideas together. Finally, check your essay for any grammar errors and spelling.
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