Discover The Joys Of Black Titanium Wedding Bands For Men!

Men are fashionable like women and when it comes to their wedding day, there are a host of male wedding bands for them to choose from. Among these wedding bands, besides gold, silver and platinum, titanium and tungsten are very popular as well. When it comes to titanium wedding bands they are durable and an excellent alternative to both silver and gold when it comes to buying wedding bands in the market.
The black titanium wedding band for men
You may be wondering as to why titanium is becoming a popular wedding band choice for men these days? The first reason is it is a very unique metal that has a number of benefits. It is more durable over most metals that make it quite popular. Pure titanium is mixed with alloys when it comes to the manufacture of wedding bands.
The special features of titanium wedding rings
Titanium is a very durable metal and is crack proof. Although titanium is a very hard metal it is light weight in nature. The jeweler can change the color of titanium into black using various methods and this is how the black titanium ring comes into the market. When you are comparing titanium vs tungsten wedding bands,you will find that the latter too is a hard metal however when you wear it on your finger it is heavy. You will feel the weight of the metal on your finger. In the case of a black titanium ring, the color is not painted but the whole metal is made black so that it lasts longer for you over most of the rings.
Hard wedding band that is resistant to corrosion
When it comes to wedding bands you will find that it is resistant to corrosion and stays in a pristine condition for many years. There are some rings that outnumber the years of the person.The best part of the titanium ring is that this ring is never spoiled. Even if you drop it in bleach or hit a very hard and rough surface, it will not scratch or even crack as mentioned above.
Look good and do not feel the weight
Many men are uncomfortable when it comes to wearing rings on their finger. They feel odd and at times conscious. However, if you take a look at a black titanium ring, you will see that it is light weight in nature and you will not even feel uncomfortable as the ring has a sleek and contemporary design. The style of the ring is also masculine as the metal like the man is unique. Black is a classical color and many men really like the way the ring sits on their fingers. If you want the black titanium ring can also be customized to meet and match the design of the bride’s wedding band. There are several jewelers that will do it for you. At the same time, you will get a ring that will make you and your bride feel completely together forever!

Author Bio- Sujain Thomas is a wedding ring designer specializing in unique customized wedding bands for his clients. She guides them on the differences between titanium vs tungsten wedding bands before they select the right ring for their special day!

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