Helmets and Hair Loss - Solutions

This goes out to all the bikers and the riders who love the thrills of riding bikes but yet are very much saddened about the uncanny side effects of wearing the helmet, which is supposed to be just a protection head gear. Yes, believe it or not most people are really concerned about the fact that the helmet they wear, is eating up most of the hair. On the other hand, some people are not even aware of the fact that most of their unnatural hair fall is happening because of the helmet they wear.

The cause is more applicable for the residents in big cities with high humidity like Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Cochin, Chennai etc. When two wheelers ride long time and especially when they are waiting in huge traffic blocks and all, your hair will get heated up and sweat will flow out of hair pores, which cause hair loss. In a study done by ClinicSpots - An healthcare agency, many of the people who are approaching dermatologists for hair loss treatments and people who are looking for hair transplant in Mumbai and other cities, one among the cause is wearing a helmet.
In a condition called  “traction alopecia“, in which the hair, typically towards the front of the scalp stop growing because their roots become too close to the skin surface and they lose their grip in the scalp.

Here are some ways in which you could deal with this issue:
1. Curd and Aloe vera
Yes. Sour curd and aloe vera are sure natural ways that would help you treat this. Mix up one spoon of cud with 3 spoons of aloe vera, and apply it on your hair and scalp. This would be very helpful in dealing with the hair loss.

2. Ginger juice
Yes, grind some ginger and get the juice out. Apply this juice onto your scalp and your hair. Leave this for around 30 minutes. This remedy will surely help you deal with the scalp and the hair issues that happen due to constant usage of helmets.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar
One of the consequences of wearing helmets is that it causes an itchy scalp . When you mix one proportion of apple cider vinegar with one portion of water and apply it on your hair and scalp and leave it for about ten minutes and then wash it off, it provides really good results and helps you deal with this issue. For best results , one must do this thrice a week.
Along with these, there are certainly some tips we could give you all bikers on how to deal with  condition called  alopecia.

Firstly whenever you put your helmet on, put it on as normal, then lift it up little and then put it back again. Set it in such a way , that you are sure of the fact that the helmet is not really bothering the roots of your scalp and hair follicles. Whenever the hair is pulled back tight for a long period of time , it disturbs the settlement of the roots and is most prone to traction alopecia. Therefore make sure you adjust your helmet perfectly well before putting it on and going on for long periods of ride with the helmet on.

Another issue that actually causes hair problems is the fact that when you put on the helmet for a long period, your scalp sweat gets stuck on the inner layers of the helmet and this can cause infections in the long run. Whenever you put the helmet out ,ensure you clean the inner parts of it. Also make sure that there is enough and plenty of air passing through it to keep it dry and going.

One of the best solutions of all times in this case is to wear a cotton scarf each time on your head whenever you wear a helmet. What this does is that it prevents any friction between the helmet and the hair , and thus avoids any tension or stress to the hair follicles. This keeps them from breaking off and keeps them right in place. Moreover, it also seeps in and  absorbs the extra moisture or sweat that possibly grows there and therefore keeps the hair dry and free of any kind of infection. It also prevents the hair accumulating moisture and causing bad smell to occur. Therefore everyone should try this easy way out to keep their hair in place whenever they wear a helmet. However one should ensure that the same cloth is not used daily. If so, make sure the fabric is washed and is clean, if it is being used.
One if the biggest demerits of helmets is that, the airborne bacteria starts breeding in the scalp, when there is a lot of moisture, dirt particles, sweat that grows inside the helmet pads, which again affect the scalp whenever it is worn.

The solution to this is to spray anti bacterial solution to the helmet pad regularly and try to keep it clean and dirt free every day.
In conclusion, hair care is a regular thing that should be maintained so that the hair can be protected. For this one should try and cleanse the hair regularly with a mild hair wash, to keep away unwanted moisture and dirt that grows on the scalp. Moreover one must also ensure the hair is moisturized well enough so that it does not dry up to that level where it breaks off easily.

These are the ways you can protect your hair even when using a helmet daily.

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