Top benefits of free movie screening events in LA

Lucky for me, their own first invaluable provide crossed my path at just the perfect moment.
Just so we are clear: last night's entrance was not a paid product inspection.  I am not opposed to trying among these on principle, but for some reason, nobody submits such supplies to the sometimes-biased amusing guy, one that occasionally enjoys what he attempts in free movie screenings los angeles.  Also, in blogosphere big-picture stipulations, I am still small-fry.  Dare to dream, however.
Among the benefits of living in a town of above-average size is we have sufficient theatres and moviegoers to justify sporadic attention from the significant studios, using progress screenings as one of those convenient tools in their advertising toolbox.  Theoretically, the studio associates utilizing a theater to maintain one screening of an upcoming movie to a complete home of Average Joes before its official launch date.  Said Joes appreciated the favor by paying the saved ticket cash on refreshments somewhat; sitting throughout the movie, maybe a bit more patiently than usual because it was liberated; subsequently sharing their love to the film across their private social-media outlets of selection.  You become their li'l advertising assistant for a day, and your payoff is a movie of their choosing.
I have lucked out and attended many such screenings within the last couple decades, indeed not much compared to some residents of the town.  In my limited experience, however, I have discovered a couple of differences between free advance screenings and regularly paid visits.
* Bragging rights!   In the modern accelerated consumer civilization, particularly for people whose Internet involvement manner is far from passive, those sees reads the new items first wins.
* Post-viewing focus team!   Sometimes workers with clipboards will strike arbitrary people with queries by the studio.  I have just been caught once, but it was fun to kill a moment of the time together with as pretentious an improv capsule inspection as I could handle in that wrong moment.  Those free moves are nearly always Admit Two.  You can treat your very best friend or loved one to a free night out.
Spoiler prevention!  The kinder, politer media outlets allow a week to ten days the following launch till they presume everyone who's anybody has seen it and start casually blabbing about plot points that are detailed.  Not every online user is indeed considerate.  Should you see it fast enough, no one else may destroy it for you in precisely the same fashion that was partially destroyed for me.
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