How to get rid of heartburn?

As heartburn is becoming one of the common problems in our day to day life, everyone wants to know how to get rid of heartburn fast. The pain due to the heartburn is localized or it can spread to the other regions also. The pain could be milder in some cases or it could be of high intensity in some people also. But this is becoming more and more common in the modern times. Call it as, irregular food habits or eating unhealthy foods, the frequency of people having heartburn is increasing.

Foods that may initiate the heartburn

There are foods which one should avoid if he is having a frequent episode of heartburn. For example, alcohols do contribute to the heartburn. Since the heartburn is related to the sphincter especially the lower esophageal sphincter plays a very important role, hence it is important for the sphincters to work efficiently.

But alcohol relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter. Thus, there is more chance of foods along with the acids refluxing back into the esophagus. Hence, if you are having episodes of heartburn, it is important to note that, you should avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Not only alcohol, but even orange juice can trigger heartburn. Since orange juice creates acidity in the stomach, this could lead to refluxing those back into the esophagus which will again start a burning sensation in the upper abdomen.

Getting relief from heartburn

There are various medications that are available which you could use in getting relief from heartburn. Some are quick acting and some are long-lasting. It will depend upon what type of heartburn you have and how strong it is intensity wise. For example, for a mild heartburn, antacids will work well but for stronger ones, you’ll need a different medication.

The antacids work perfectly for mild heartburn. But it is to be noted that, the antacids should be taken immediately at the onset of the heartburn. Otherwise generally antacids fail to make an impact. That’s why, if you are having frequent episodes of heartburn and have realized a pattern, you could take an antacid beforehand at the onset of the heartburn so that it may not progress further.

For more severe cases, other types of medications are used. For example, H2 blockers are those drugs which deal with the reduction of acid production in the stomach. Since these drugs lower the level of acids inside the stomach, there will be less content available to reflux back into the esophagus. Hence, H2 blockers are one of the best measures of heartburn especially when you want a very long-lasting medication.

Proton pump inhibitors are also used in case of heartburn. These are the drugs which stop the acid production. Hence, proton pump inhibitors are the perfect choice for heartburn and also healing an ulcer which could occur due to high acidity inside the stomach.

Other ways to get relief

RefluxMD lists various GERD diet menu so that people can use those and have a healthy food lifestyle whereby, the heartburn could be prevented.

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