Why ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is one of the preferred Brand?

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is proven brand in the Insurance sector. Ever since its inception in the year 2001, it has come up with at least 1 Lakh policies. They got conglomerate of different plans that includes Investment, Life, health and many market linked offerings. Their policies are planned keeping in mind financial security requirement of an Individual. They got one of the best traditional plans in the market. Which can give assured returns from 10 to 30%. If we talk about their market linked ICICI ULIP plans they are also one of the best. That's because the portfolio they choose is always leading in the market. At the same time since it's listed with NSE, it always stays updated with latest market trends. With customer being its priority, they always make the plan which can yield maximum benefits. It’s health policies are proven to be the best in the market.  
How to buy policy from ICICI? 
1. Buy Online: We can easily get ICICI Prudential Life Insurance online. All we need to do is complete KYC and on completion of same and paying the required payment we can get policy documents on our mail itself. This may be one of the fastest way of getting the policy. 
2.Visit the Branch: We may choose to visit nearby branch and plan to buy after checking the one that suits us. ICICI Prudential got numerous plans to choose from. Each having one feature or the other. We may be able to discuss all the plans in details after talking to the concerned person. This may help us in giving faster solutions to all our queries. 
3. Contact Financial Advisers: There are lot of financial advisers which helps in choosing right Insurance policy from ICICI prudential as per our needs and budget. We may check about them through reference or may receive mail or call from them. We should always be proactive in addressing each and every query of ours before deciding about the policy that we wish to choose. 
4. Choose Web Aggregators: Now a day's people select the policies after comparison. Thanks to web aggregators e-commerce ventures that helps us in taking right decision. Not only we get details of all the plans but we can check the features as well.

Important features of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Policy
  1. It's one of the First Insurance company to get Listed in NSE & BSE. 
  2. One of the best customer bases with premium of close to 100 billion.  
  3. Got more than 5 million policies to choose from. 
  4. Vision and Mission of the company is customer centric; with focus on "Customer first" motto.  
  5. Consists of one of the best company's portfolio in ULIPS to get maximum returns.  
  6. Got Pan India presence with numerous branches in all cities.  
How to Settle Health Claims with ease? 
Settlement of claim through ICICI is a hassle-free process. Before hospitalization, we should check their network of hospital and go to anyone for cashless treatments. All expenses included after 24 hours of hospitalization. In case of reimbursement i.e. when we go to the non-network hospital than we should submit all original bills along with claim settlement form to the nearby branch. Usually, the claim amount gets credited to our account within 30 to 45 days. List of Network hospital can be easily checked by the website of the company. Besides that, we can also check the entire process online. Alternatively, reach their 24*7 call centers agents who can handle any trivial query with ready solutions.  
To understand the policy furthermore below some advantages are enumerated.
Important benefits of ICICI Life Prudential? 
  1. ICICI Prudential offers variety of products including traditional, Term Investments & health plans to choose from. We can select the one that suits our budget and requirements.  
  2. Some policies we can continue after locking period even after paying premium for subsequent years.  
  3. Almost all policies assist in saving tax as per section 80c  
  4. They got many customized plans based on our specific needs like child plans, ULIPS etc.  
  5. User-Friendly Online support for any query is available all the time. 
  6. On submission of required documents Claims Settlements is very fast and timely. 
  7. Agent number is usually mentioned in the policy for any immediate support.  
  8. Toll-Free Number available to reach customer care; operational 24*7. Agents are quite knowledgeable and they handle each and every query with patience and ease.  
Above facts and figures are enough for me to buy any of my policy from ICICI Life prudential. It’s one hub meeting all our Investments & Insurance need.

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