What to Consider When Selecting an Online Writing Service

Doubts and fears regarding how safe using online services are is a great concern among many students and especially among those who have never used such services as writingbee.com. The choice of the writing agency that provides the best services at affordable prices is a factor that troubles many students. Therefore, if they want to benefit from online writing services should consider the following factors.
  • Completion time rating
Every student assignment has a timeline which must be strictly adhered to. In this regard, no one would wish to have their written items delivered late. Therefore, it is very important to check whether the writing service you intend to use has a good record of completing tasks within the deadlines. Nonetheless, students should also consider the type and volume of work to ensure there is balance with the timeline. Sometimes a time extension request from the writer is genuine to provide the required quality.
  • Quality of work
There is nothing more important in writing than the quality and uniqueness of your work. Quality, in this case, includes error free and plagiarism free writings. Apart from being highly punishable, plagiarism can drastically reduce your score.
  • Pricing
In this consideration, the price per page charged should be average. However, students should not trade price for the quality of work. As the say cheap is expensive, professionally written document demands a price worth its quality.
Furthermore, the price is also a function of factors such as the type, the deadline and the academic level of the work. For example, shorter deadline calls for a higher price and the higher the level, the higher the price.
Combined with prices is various discounts. Students should consider, but not depend on, the discounts provided by the writing services. These discounts include those offered to new and the loyal customers. Loyalty discounts have a minimum period for which a student must have consistently used the services.
  1. Confidentiality of your information
During order placing, a student is usually required to provide personal information such as phone number and email address. The writing agency should ensure that these details are safeguarded and that it remains confidential. Also, incidences of work, especially project proposals, being re-sold as been on the increase. It constitutes a breach of contract and students should not make any deal with any writing agency that cannot reserve copyrights for their clients.
  1. Customer support services
Customer services are very important in every sector. This is no difference with writing services. Your concerns, as a student, regarding the work you gave out should be addressed effectively and efficiently. Your choice of the writing agency should be based on one with 24/7 customer service, helpful and polite respondents, and one that connects you to the writer working on your order. Having a way in which you can communicate directly to the writer enables you to query the progress of your work and also gives the writer a way of conducting you on matters such as time extension requests.  
  1. Response to revision requests
Sometimes one or two of the instructions on how your order was to be done is not followed. Therefore, you would like it re-done or revised. This concern should be addressed as quickly as possible since there could be no time before you submit your work. Of course, this should be done with no extra payment.
With these tips, you can be sure that the writing service you choose is reliable.


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