Newer Techniques in 2017 to Treat Hair Loss or Alopecia

After the discovery of FUE technique, many newer hair transplant strategies are discovered and now available in the market in 2017.
Due to high demand for the solution of hair regeneration, pharmaceutical companies have desperately come up with their new hair treatments. Thus,many revolutionary treatments for hair loss or alopecia have been explored in the recent past. Scientists have successfully developed naturally growing hair in the laboratory during 2016. We all hope that with the rigorous experiments carried out in the laboratory one day we may witness a natural cure for alopecia.

Initially, people were convinced that these new treatments are overpriced and only high-profile people like movie stars or rich businessmen can actually afford it. But due to increasing quest for hair loss treatment, the prices of these revolutionary medicines have come down significantly in 2017. But at the same time, quality of these new medicines has decreased to some extent with lowering of price.
Below we have discussed some newly developed techniques for hair loss or alopecia-

Hair regeneration

Are you worried about undergoing a surgery on your scalp? Medical science has come up with an alternative non-surgical treatment for alopecia called Hair Regeneration. Use of stem cells plays a major role in this newly developed treatment. A wound healing material called extracellular matrix is applied on hair thinning area which helps to improve the blood supply within the stem cells. Thus, new cells are restored which helps to initiate hair regrowth on affected area. Extracellular matrix contains regenerative growth tissues and healing component. Thus, duplication process of scalp tissues and muscles are made possible with the regenerated stem cells.
Hair cloning

In this methodology of treatment patient’s hair follicles are used for multiplication process. Patient’s stem cells are monitored by in vitro process. The multiplied hair follicles are grafted on hair thinning area. This treatment is a promising one for baldness in men. More advanced research is required for full proof evidence.
There are some constraints of hair cloning treatment. Scientists are not yet successful to produce the desired amount of healthy hair follicles. Also, many newly generated hair follicles fail to recreate new hair. Lastly, cost of hair cloning treatment may be higher compared to normal hair transplant surgery.

Using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

 Platelet-rich plasma or PRP technique is becoming more successful among the newer treatment procedures for hair loss. This amazing treatment is dependent on the blood plasma of the patient.
PRP is an activator which helps to regenerate hair growth on bald area. By applying PRP on affected area of the scalp, blood circulation is increased. Some amount of blood is taken from patient’s body and distributed in eight glass tubes. This blood then undergoes laboratory process for generating PRP. Finally, platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma and a concentration of blood are prepared, which are separated mutually.
The procedure involves in injecting PRP or platelet rich plasma in the affected zone of the scalp with a small syringe. Sometimes local anaesthesia is applied to reduce the pain.

Using laser to treat hair loss

Medical science have been using laser light for advanced treatment for many years. Science has proved physical, chemical and biological reactions with human tissues. Thus, use of laser light for hair loss or alopecia is a new area related to hair transplant treatment. Mainly loss due to hereditary issues is more effectively solved by laser treatment.

The laser light is used to activate hair follicles for producing new and healthy hair follicles.For regeneration of hair; laser light is applied on stem cells and hair follicles. This treatment needs to be further explored. Low powered or cold lasers are generally used for this technique. Sometimes doctors go for laser cap or hood device for treatment. Hand-held comb, cap or brush laser devices are also available in the market. But it is advisable to go through proper diagnosis before using any such device on your scalp.
In this blog we have shared significant ideas about the newly developed techniques in hair transplant which have been in vogue during 2017. Major research based techniques are being tried in clinics of all major cities of India including Ludhiana. So, you can always try with some of the recent technology as discussed. All such processes have a reasonable hair transplant cost in Ludhiana.

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