Best Investment Plans and Ideas for FY 2018-2019

Finally, you have money to invest, but the problem is you have no clue where to invest it. So you go online and start searching for various investment options only to get you more confused than before with the myriad investment options out there. In investing world, it is known as ‘paralysis by analysis,’ where you spend so much time in analyzing your option, you delay investing and losing on that extra cash. Are you in a similar situation? Fret not. Let us help you by outlining few of the investment options or ideas that might help you decide.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the year gone by. 2017 was a year of equity and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin turned out to be a dark horse for many investors with returns of 5700% in 2017. BSE Sensex gave 28% returns to investors in 2017. By the pulse of it, cryptocurrency and stock market are the options that are going to continue growing even in 2018.

Best Investment Options in India for 2018-2019

1. Stock Market

The one investment that stands out in 2018 is stock market and well so. Investing at the right time and in the right stock can generate a lot of wealth for the investor. identifying good stocks for investment can be tough due to which a lot of people avoid investing in stocks.

A piece of advice would be to start investing small for a period until you are comfortable with the know-how of how the market works. As Government of India is planning to invest in the rural sector, rural-themed based stocks are the ones to watch out for in 2018.

2. Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Mutual funds

People who don’t want to invest in the stock can opt for mid to small-cap mutual funds as it is considered to be one of the most profitable investment options in India. Investor can earn up to 50% of returns in such funds within a year. Their SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) or lump sum method makes them easier to invest in.

A better option is to invest in direct mutual funds as it gives better returns compared to regular mutual funds. Irrespective of the market condition, investors do get benefits from this approach due to its balance of risk and returns.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a new form of investment option and should only be considered by investors with a high-risk appetite. Bitcoins are a new way of quick gain on your investment, but one should consider it as a small percentage of their portfolio as the risk factor is high. Most people predict it as a bubble hence general advice would be to refrain from this investment if not sure.

4. ELSS funds

ELSS or tax saving funds is a diversified equity-based fund where a majority of the corpus gets invested in equities. The returns on this fund can yield up to 40-50% in a year with 20% annualized returns in last five years.

5. Strong IPOs

Investors can invest in quality IPOs by analyzing company’s progress and market reputation through blogs. Good IPOs have provided returns of 30-50% to their investors. IPOs launched by good and reputed company are attractive and can prove lucrative returns as well. IPOs are a long-term investment with low risk.

6. Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending is another new option to consider a lot of visibility and high returns of up to 22% annually. In this option, you need to lend money to an individual or a business through online services. Lending money to a business or an individual is always a risky decision, and hence a good amount of due diligence needs to be carried out before lending money. It’s a high-risk investment and should be considered by investors with a surplus amount of cash.

Any investment option carries an amount of risk factor with it due to its nature of higher returns. As an investor, it is important to be clear on the amount of financial risk you are willing to take for your investment. If you like to invest in safe options, you should consider investing in high paying Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits which not only increase your investment but also provides you with a seamless online process.

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