5 Steps to Starting Your Textile Business in Surat

Surat is one of the major cities of Gujarat, and it’s highly valued when it comes to textile business. If you are a self-employed professional who is looking to start his/her own textile business in Surat, this post will help you know some vital steps.

If you are short of funds, you can always consider availing a business loan in Surat which can offer you up to Rs.30 lakh at lower business loan interest rates.

Setting up a textile business in Surat or anywhere in India is easy and faces fierce competition from the online and offline market. Further, consumer preferences, seasonal effects, production cost and more needs to be taken care of to establish it quickly.

In the same context, here are some easy steps that will help you kick-off your own textile business in Surat super-easy!

Source materials

Before you establish your own textile business, you will need to visit some of the markets such as Surat, Jaipur, and Kolkata. It will help you keep the sourcing balance synch with the latest trends. You can also grab more information about what’s in and out of fashion by following online websites, social platforms and more.

Collaborate with designers

The next step would be meeting with designers and to hire them for creating designs for your textile brand. You can also take the services of interns or freshers to save money as well as give them an opportunity to earn while they learn/train.


You will need to get in touch with tailoring professionals to help you get started with the stitching of the clothes. If you are concentrating on women wear, visits to textile mills of Surat to know more will be beneficial.

E-commerce and branding

While it’s good to have a textile hub created offline, you can also benefit by selling online. Thus, for that you will need to get a website created, content written, pages designed and more. For this purpose, you can take the services of a digital marketing agency. You should also focus on meeting your customer’s requirements to establish a connection with them for branding purposes.

Order management and payment

You can rely on many software available in the market to manage your order and payment. You can ask for customized software and need not shell out more for procuring one.

Business loan in Surat is here to help you out

The basics of textile business in Surat is revealed, and the next thing that you should manage is funds. For funding issues, you can rely on a business loan in Surat which can offer you many benefits such as:

Higher loan amount – You need not worry about acquiring a higher loan amount as a business loan in Surat suffices to offer you more. You can borrow up to Rs.30 lakh at a lower business loan interest rate with Bajaj Finserv.

Flexi loan facility – You get the freedom to avail an amount out of your total credit and pay only the interest as the EMI. The rest part of the loan gets adjusted when the tenor ends.

Collateral-free loan option – Since a loan for business is collateral-free, you need not provide any and meeting the eligibility is enough to get it.

Wider tenor – Quick business loan option comes laced with a flexible tenor as wide as 8 years to help you spread your loan into smaller EMIs.

Online account access – Lenders will let you track the business loan process through their digital customer portals from anywhere and 24/7.

Business loan eligibility conditions

Here is some standard loan for business loan eligibility criteria that you should consider if you are ready to apply for it:

The loan borrower should be an Indian
He/she should be 25-55 years of age
The business should have a vintage of 3 years
The ITRs of the business (last 1 year) is mandatory
CA audit of the business’ turnover (last 1 year) is a requirement

The Bottom Line

Be it a textile business in Surat or any other business; you can easily give a boost to your business by opting for a small business loan online and repay in smaller EMIs.

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