5 Sarees that will be a Perfect Gift for Your Mom

Who says superheroes do not exist in reality? If you are the one to believe that they don’t, then you haven’t yet explored The ‘Wonder Women’ walking around your house, keeping things as they should be, doing the household chores and maintaining all her daily routine jobs side by side. Moreover, she must get some credits for bearing with your little mood swings, being there to support you in every way and of course cooking the most delicious meal and more. You surely cannot pay her off anyway, but spoiling her with gifts, that’s another thing. 

Surely, a gift for your mother, no matter how small, can instantly put a smile on her face. We do typically remember bringing gifts on occasions; we often forget many such important dates sometimes though. But hey! Do you really need an occasion to gift something as decent as a saree to your mother? Of course not. Without further delay get a perfect saree to gift her. After all, she definitely deserves all such little things that are so offered with love. 
Before you pick a saree for her, here is our guide on the best 5 sarees you can gift your mom which surely would be perfect for her. 
Plain Georgette Saree- But mind you, a plain georgette saree is never too dull to gift it to your mother. This is the best option that you have in case you would like to give her something really good to wear to an occasion without really overdoing it. Georgette is definitely one of the most loved fabrics for sarees and salwar suits and is light and comfy as well. A light georgette saree is a gift that she will definitely cherish having. It also comes in a variety of colors. You may choose something as bold as red if you think that would go with your mommy’s wardrobe preferences or something in white or a pale color in case your mom would like to have something like that. 
1.    Kota Jali- Originating from Rajasthan, Kota Jali is a type of saree that you would surely like to pack as a gift for your mother. This is mostly made of cotton, though this saree is also available in silks and is light and super comfortable to wear. Ideal as a summer day wear, you may just give her another great saree to wear on a hot summer day which is light weighted, transparent and yet would make her look beautiful with floral patterns and handiworks on the piece. 
2.    Taant Cotton Sarees- Taant sarees from Bengal are the perfect gift for women of all ages. The finely woven and delicate Bengali Taant is not only gorgeous to look at but also is light and can be carried around really easy. Surely, Taant sarees are wholly made on the loom and come in a whole lot of lovely designs and colors to choose from. 
3.    Kantha Sarees- Kantha is another name for embroidery. So you know, these sarees are special as they require extreme handiwork. The embroidery on the sarees is lovely, and that is what attracts people the most about these sarees. The embroidery work includes various shapes and designs right from a peacock design, floral designs to animal designs and more. 
4.    Baluchari Sarees- Another fine work of art is the Baluchari sarees which have been in the making for no less than 200 years now. These sarees are made in Bengal and is characterized by heavy silk thread work on the entire sarees. These were our top 5 picks on what you can gift your mother when it comes to sarees. Do not forget to check these sarees online at https://www.gofynd.com/women/ethnic-wear/sarees-blouses/sarees.

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