Top 10 Side Effects of Follicular Unit Extraction

The process is safe enough to be performed, and usually do not leave scar tissues on the scalp of the patient. Due to the absence of stitches, the donor area remains to be visible to a small extent right after the surgery has taken place.The process resembles cosmetic surgery and needs to be performed under the supervision of medical experts who ensures that the hair follicles are removed smoothly. As a matter of fact such a procedure is technologically enriched, so that patients feel absolutely under the comfort level.

Advantages of the FUE procedure:
As analyzed by qualified trichologists and hair experts, there are several advantages, for patients who would like to go for Follicular Unit Extraction. However, as the process involves a minimum invasion, it is extremely important for the patient to know about the side effects. A detailed discussion with the doctors ensures that, you know the integrities of the process. In order to develop a clear view however, experts suggest that you talk with other patients as well. This will help you to gain confidence as well as gather valuable information on the process.

Side Effects Of The FUE Hair Transplant
In order to make the patients gain knowledge on the process, we have discussed a few side effects which can accompany the process of Follicular Unit Extraction. Some of these are discussed below:

1. Shedding Of Hair:
Initially, that is, right after the procedure is conducted; you can commonly observe that, a lot of hair is shredded. This is because the healthy hair follicles which have been uprooted from the donor site, actually starts to grow once again. Portions of the follicles which have been transplanted, usually falls between 3 days of the surgery, however, experts assure you that, these hair follicles are again re-grown after 3 months from the date of the surgery.
However, for most of the patients hair fall followed by the process of surgery actually takes a toll on the patient, sometimes. But be rest assured that, there is nothing much to worry. Most of the experts suggest that hair shall regrow after a certain period of time from the date of surgery.

2. Risk of Bleeding:
Since the process of Follicular unit Extraction is minimally invasive, there are a few cuts and bruises involved. However, qualified and experienced doctors can minimize the loss of blood with the help of technology. However, there will be a few medicines prescribed by the doctor, which needs to be consumed by the patient in order to facilitate a quick recovery.

3. Risk of Infections:
FUE although is much in demand, can pose several risks towards scalp infections as well. However, medical experts suggest that choosing a proper hair transplantation clinic in Ludhiana is of utmost importance. Choosing specialized medical experts is another step, although some patients who had experienced the surgery had claimed that infections had happened even after choosing good doctors and clinics. Consuming strong antibiotics is a perfect solution to treat your problem, which must be taken in right doses after consultation with a specialist.

4. Excruciating Sense of Pain:
If you are expecting a no pain process, we must make this clear that, FUE is a process which is no exception. However, as per the observations made by medical experts, it is true that, FUE gives less painful experience when compared to FUT. However, both the processes shall use different kind of sedatives in order to make you feel numb right after the closure. Even since the process remains to be minimally invasive, experienced doctors think of applying anesthesia prior to the surgery. If the pain persists post surgery, doctors usually devise pain killers which can help you save from a follow up treatment.

5. Itchy Sensation:
One of the most common side effects of hair transplantation is going through an itchy sensation. This occurs exactly at the site, i.e. where the operation has been performed. Usually it has been observed that scabs are formed, and this results in the sensation of itches primarily. However, certain home remedies can be suggested in order to get rid of the same. But prior consultation with a qualified doctor is one of the best suggestions that can be accepted at this stage. Itchy sensation can be gotten rid of through certain medicinal shampoos, which can gently cleanse the system. A medicinal spray is generally advised to be used in the site by a few qualified surgeons. However, you have to wait for a few days, in case you are not looking forward to any artificial product usage.

6. Formation of Boils:
Inflammations or boils concerning the site is most common symptom that can affect the person undergoing a surgery. However, the quality of swelling is different for different people depending on the reactions which are extremely patient centric. Generally, it has been observed that boils disappear after a few days of the surgery and therefore, there is nothing much to worry about. In a few cases the symptoms might persist, which can be further treated.

7. No Sensation on the Skin:
Numbness resulting from the cutting of tissues are extremely common after the surgery is performed. Damage of nerves can be a serious issue and precautionary measures are taken while consulting a good clinic along with an experienced surgeon.
8. Scarring Cells:
Scars are common occurrences while a patient is considering FUE. Linear scars have been observed by medical specialists and thus, this is quite a common phenomenon. However linear scars can disappear once the hair regrows and therefore usually there is nothing to worry.

9. Cysts Formations:
If somehow the healthy hair follicles from the donor site are not removed properly, cysts are formed on the scalp. Cysts are water filled sacs, which causes no harm, but can be responsible for inflammation as well. However, under normal conditions, the cysts might vanish soon, but in some cases complications might appear. However pre consultation is urgently required with a reputed trichologist in order to avoid further complications.

10. Hiccups:
Hiccups can occur in a few patients and are not very common after the process of FUE is conducted. However, once again medical experts claim that there is nothing to worry.

Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally invasive process which can aid in hair transplantation. Although the process is understood to be a permanent solution, there are several side-effects which are as discussed above. The process has been certified to be safe enough to be conducted on patients. However, keeping in mind individual requirements, it is suggested that, good doctors and clinics need to be consulted in order to take the advantages.

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