Is Hair Transplant a Painful Surgery? Myths Related With Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the surgical procedure which is done under anaesthesia as all other surgeries are done. The type of anaesthesia used here is local anaesthesia. It is done after making your skin insensitive for pain so there will be no pain during the hair transplant surgery.

Fear and anxiety of having pain is the biggest factor which makes many people hesitant to take decision for undergoing the hair transplant. Be sure that hair transplant is the luxury, you can watch movies and can listen to your favourite music or can read the book during the hair transplant procedure. It is like you are spending the time for yourself which is very rare in today’s stressful and busy lifestyle.

Yes, you can have little pain when your skin is anaesthetized but this is for just a few seconds. The severity of pain depends upon your fear factor. Various techniques are used to reduce this pain such as – Cold sponging and use of a vibrator. A very thin needle is used for injecting anaesthetic 30” or insulin syringe. You should keep in mind that “there will be no gain without pain” You have to decide which pain is bigger – the pain of few seconds for local anaesthesia or pain of remaining bald.

I must say that Hair Transplant is level 1 surgery which is like a picnic for the patient, he is treated like VIP and his all demands are taken care of, he enjoys the movie, take lunch, coffee in between and can go home on the very same day. He can resume his duties from the very next day. The hair transplant result takes 4 months to appear and his look will change totally in 8-10 months of time.

“Is Hair Transplant Painful Surgery” is one of the most common myths related to hair transplant. Some other myths are —

Can Only Men go for hair transplant?
False, women can also go for hair transplant. Yes, it is true that percentage of women requiring hair transplant is very low as compared to men. They usually respond well to medical treatment, but in advance grade of female pattern hair loss, the hair transplant may be needed. Both FUT and FUE can be done in women but we usually prefer FUT as shaving is not required in FUT. For men both techniques are good.

No Further Medical Treatment or Surgery Will be Required in the Future?

This is not true.Hair fall is an ongoing process it usually depends on the hormones and genetic factors. Though transplanted hair usually does not fall and does not need any treatment non transplanted hair tends to fall, they need medical treatment and care also. This temporary hair may fall with the time and you may need further surgery.

Which is Better Scalp Hair or Body Hair?

For hair transplant, we always prefer scalp hair because their quality is exactly same as the patient has lost. The hairline zone is most important in which only scalp hair should be used.Beard hair is thicker than scalp and gives better volume so they should be used in forelock and mid-scalp in combination with scalp hair.The advantage of body hair is they increase the availability of donor area so as to give good result even in grade VII patient.

Can we Get Immediate Results After A Hair Transplant?

No, In the hair transplant surgery we transplant hair root from which hair may start growing but this hair usually falls between 3-6 weeks after the surgery and then it starts to grow after 4 months at the rate of 1 cm per month so to get a good result at least 6-8 months required.

Up to What Age Hair Transplantation can be Done?

Hair transplant is level 1 surgery but it needs all the preoperative check up to ensure successful completion of it. Age is no bar, the hair transplant can be done even up to the age of 65-70 years if the person is fit for surgery. Pre-anaesthetic check up and physicians fitness should be taken for the procedure.

Is There Any Difference in Result of Hair Transplant in Young People vs Old People?

The result depends upon the quality of donor’s hair, surgeon’s efficiency for graft extraction, trauma to graft during handling and implantation and posts care for initial 8-10 days.
The result does not depend on the age of the person.

Does Hair Transplant Means Getting Hair From Somebody?

No, hair transplant involves transplant of hair roots from one part of the body to another part of the same cannot take hair from another person.

Is It Possible To Multiply The Hair Outside The Body In A Lab?

Researchers are in progress to get multiple hairs from one hair by stem cell therapy but still, it is under trial and not done on humans.

Will Wash The Hairs After Treatment Affect The Growth?

Not at all, in fact, you should wash the head frequently and keep the scalp clean to prevent any infection.Just after hair transplant rubbing of the head is avoided for 8-10 days. After that, there is no need for any care you can do shampoo as frequently as you want.

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