Auto gates are like normal gates we have at our homes. But there's one difference and that is, they are automatic and can be operated without touching them. These gates have motors installed in them and to control them, a person requires either a remote control or a local activation device. As mentioned above, we live in the era of technology so now mobiles have applications that can be used to open or close your gate automatically.

  1. When a person comes home tired from work, he is already feeling lethargic so here if he has an automatic gate, he doesn't have to get out of his car, open his gate, sit back in the car and drive past it and then again close it. Therefore, with automatic gates, you just have to tap once or press a button to open and close the gate. It will open for you just like a blink of an eye.
  2. With automatic gates, we get increased security. These gates are strong and can't be opened easily as they have cameras installed and sensors that only recognize the owner’s voice thus decreasing the chances of an intruder to break in.
  3. Let’s be honest. Who doesn't like prestigious looking homes and buildings? Everyone does. So automatic gates increase a property's value as well as makes it look luxurious. These gates can be designed and can be made to look attractive in any way you want.
  4. These gates increase safety for your children and also pets like cats and dogs. You can easily allow children to play in your backyard or parking having this in mind that there's no risk of an intruder to enter your home.
  5. Automatic gates take less space. Since they are sliding gates, you don't have to worry about the space a particular gate takes when it opens. So people with small properties tend to opt for auto gates.
  1. As automatic gates depend on electric power, they can't operate when there's an electrical breakdown.
  2. As we want to increase security and opt for installing gates having codes, cameras, and voice detection sensors, they can be pretty expensive.
  3. Although automatic gates give ease to the homeowners, they serve as a sign of annoyance for visitors as they always have to make a call to homeowners when they have to enter the home.
  4. You have to be extra careful when the gates are sliding to close. There's an example of a person who mistakenly got caught in the gate and the gate continued to crush him till its cycle wasn't complete brutally injuring the person. And with pets as well, you have to make sure they are not coming in between when the gate is closing.
So the choice is yours and the fact, technology always comes with pros and cons.

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