Linux VPS Hosting - The Most Convenient And Cost-Efficient Hosting Service

Overview - About VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting service is an economical and cost-efficient website hosting service. This model of web hosting service is a competent hosting service to meet with the expectations and demands of growing markets and the end users of web hosting services, successfully. Virtual Private Server hosting service has a managed environment, which is secured in nature. This hosting service provides higher degree of flexibility to its users. This hosting service aims on protection and privacy of the important and vital data and applications of its customers, at a nominal cost.  

A VPS provides a dedicated portion of hard drive of a commercial server. This dedicated portion includes memory and the resources of a Central Processing Unit, which are provided to its customer. A Virtual Private Server hosting model offers the combination of the features of the two important frameworks of web hosting, the features from a dedicated server hosting and the features from a shared server hosting. In VPS hosting, the service provider takes the responsibility of management of the server. This takes the load off from the client of the routine and complicated management of infrastructure.

This Virtual Private Hosting Service can be categorised into two distinct categories-

1.Managed Virtual Private Server hosting- In this VPS hosting service, management of the VPS server and other related services are sole responsibility of the service provider. 

2.Unmanaged Virtual Private Server Hosting- In this VPS hosting service, the client or the user of the service remains responsible for management of server and related other services. 

How does a Virtual Private Server work? 

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that works on the computer architecture to provide features and functionalities, those are equivalent to a dedicated physical server. The users or the clients remain free for configuration of the operating systems and software applications of their own preferences. 

In a Virtual Private Server, a hypervisor runs on a physical machine server that shares and manages a number of different separated environments on the same physical machine. This system allows multiple clients to either install or reinstall the operating system and boot or reboot the allocated server independently, all by themselves. These virtual spaces on the physical machine are defined by software and they can easily be created and configured.  

About Virtual Private Server

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine. This virtual machine is sold to the customers as a service by an Internet Hosting Service. 

A Virtual Private Server is capable of running its own copy of an operating system. The customers of a VPS probably have a super user level access to that particular operating system. This enables the customers to install almost all software which runs on that operating system. 

A Virtual Private Server is almost equivalent to a dedicated physical server machine in so many aspects. A VPS is functionally equal to a dedicated server. These VPS are software defined. That makes the creation and configuration of a VPS super easy. A Virtual private Server costs much less than a dedicated physical server.  

About Linux

Linux is an operating system. Linux is from the family of free and open source software operating systems. Linux was first developed for personal computers but later, Linux was ported to more number of platforms than any other operating systems. Linux has the largest base of installation of all operating systems used for generalised purposes. Linux is currently the leading operating systems on servers and mainframe computers. Linux is the only operating system used on TOP500 Super Computers. 

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS hosting is a VPS hosting with Linux operating system. This Linux VPS hosting is ideal for servers having a super load of traffic. This system provides better control over provisions installed on the server, that hosts the website of the clients. A Linux VPS hosting is a flexible, easy to use server hosting with greater security and reliability, at a low cost of ownership. 


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