All You Need to Know About Acid Reflux Pregnancy

What is Acid Reflux during Pregnancy?
Acid reflux is the most common problem in pregnancy as progesterone, which is the primary hormone of the pregnancy slows the process of digestion in the body. The issue of acid reflux when combined with the pressure of a developing baby, increase the existence of stomach acid making its way upward.

What are the suggested examination of acid reflux during pregnancy?
In most cases, acid reflux is diagnosed with only symptoms. However, if still there is a case that you keep experiencing the problem lately post-pregnancy, the doctor can prescribe additional test that includes endoscopy that examines the upper side of digestive tract.

What are symptoms of acid reflux during pregnancy?
The sign of acid reflux among pregnant women shows up as burning sensation in the throat or upper chest or heartburn. Also, there can be feeling of nauseous, burping, or regurgitation making all the signs of acid reflux.

What are acid reflux causes during pregnancy?
Since the process of digestion gets slowed down, you feel fuller, and so you get less room in your stomach, and thus acid runs up in your esophagus. Another contribution to acid reflux generation is the baby who is pressing on the stomach.

Is acid reflux common problem during pregnancy?
Yes! Without any doubt, acid reflux is a very very common problem during pregnancy, as said by medical experts and doctors. More than half of all the pregnant women suffer from acid reflux during that time. 

Is acid reflux going to affect the baby?
Acid reflux pregnancy is safe, and should not affect the baby in any form or shape.  

What is the best way to treat acid reflux pregnancy?

As a treatment to the problem, over the counter antacid works well for the pregnant women. Also, it is vital to avoid peppermint tea. Though it is soothing to your stomach, it gives pressure to the muscle to push the stomach acid to the throat.

Mom-to-be can try propping up their upper body while sleeping; it can decrease the amount of acid backing up in the throat.

How to prevent acid reflux during pregnancy?

Take small and frequent meals while you suffer from acid reflux during pregnancy. It is also recommended to avoid intake of spicy food and milk. There can be people who suggest milk as a remedy, but it can lead to increase of stomach acid, making things worse.

What other pregnant women do when they experience acid reflux?
It is said that acid reflux gets horrible at night during pregnancy. It is advised to avoid intake of spicy and fatty foods before going to bed. Also, home remedies such as apple cider vinegar and baking soda can help in the prevention of this problem lately.

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