Designer Wedding Bands That Can Stand the Test of Time

The days of plain gold wedding bands for every couple are over... New options are available to those in the market for a wedding band in terms of what the rings are made from and their design, but it can all just make things bewildering for a buyer. A wedding ring is going to be worn for a lifetime, so it's important to choose something that you'll love for as long as you love the person you're marrying. Rather than letting the task get you down, make some key choices and enjoy the process of designing or shopping for your perfect ring. 

Wedding bands are becoming more interesting, for both men and women, but it's still in the area of women's rings where the most creativity is still found. The tradition of women wearing wedding bands predates that of men doing the same by hundreds of years, so this is no surprise. It's also no surprise that after all that time, some change and variety are needed! 
With a wedding ring, love and a union are symbolised and a wedding day is commemorated. It's in this that much of a wedding band's sentimental value lies, so it's a good idea to take some time to think about touches that can make your jewellery mean even more. You can design your own ring, or add engraving. Some good ideas for engravings are special phrases (perhaps a quote or Bible verse special to the two of you) or the wedding's date and couple's initials. 

The design of the ring, too, often has some special significance. The use of precious stones is becoming more common on women's wedding bands, with a plain band of diamonds often used. On a more practical note, the ring should fit comfortably and not slip - this is not something you'll want to lose down your drain. This might seem obvious, but it's also important to consider the design of the engagement ring when designing a wedding ring - or vice versa if you've planned ahead. 

The choice of the metal from which a woman's wedding band is constructed is based largely on what the wearer likes and what best suits her, but practical matters must be considered too. Although expensive, gold and platinum are the best choices for jewellery that will be worn for a long period of time - they wear well and won't irritate the skin. Consider, too, whether your choice of wedding ring looks and sits well with your engagement ring. 
An interesting route to go when choosing a wedding band is to buy an antique piece. Many people think that much of a ring's meaning is lost when it has belonged to someone else before their dearly beloved, but others think that a ring with some history is even more special because of the love of which it has already been a part. This is especially true in the case of rings inherited from family members, but this is of course not an option for everyone. The important thing, at the end of the day, is to choose something that you'll love, and that you can imagine wearing as long as you both shall live.
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