Six Steps To A Valentine's Dinner That Will Impress Even The Most Expensive Of Tastes

However, in my observation, some of the very same people that scoff at Valentine’s Day for its “materialistic" properties are also the same people that would turn a shade of chocolate heart red if their loved one decided to veto the valentine. 

Frankly speaking, for anyone in a relationship, there's a certain anticipation to celebrate love’s day in a certain way--a bunch of flowers, candlelight dinners in a hotspot restaurant, moonlight walks. 

Instead of those well worn tactics, why not bring decadence to your home and serve up a Valentine’s evening, filled with a myriad of culinary delights, catered to your own tastes? 

Gavin Carfax-Foster, Group Culinary Director at Dedes Group in Australia, has a few recipes and tips for serving up a V-Day menu concocted of the world’s finest produce that would appease even the most expensive tastes--all from the comfort of your own home.

Step One: Plan Ahead
In the same way that you wouldn’t go into battle without a game plan, everything from produce to plating should be preplanned to avoid a catastrophe on date night. 

“Keep it simple,” Carfax-Foster says. “Always choose the right plate for the right dish. I find larger plates look better as your dish is not crammed in or falling off the plate.” 

It helps to also visualize what the dish will look like before you plate it, even do a drawing on a piece of paper, or a mock plate-up using the raw ingredients.

Next, consider the quality of what is going to feature on your plate. 
The top three most extravagant ingredients sure to impress your valentine, according to Carfax-Foster, are caviar, oysters and lobster. 

Now that you have your trifecta, it's time to start outsourcing your produce - but where to begin? 

Put simply, there’s caviar, and then there’s caviar. 
“Buying from a reputable supplier is a sure fire way of getting quality caviar,” Carfax-Foster says who favors serving Yasa Elite at the group’s venues. 

For those who’d like to outsource the product themselves, the perfect caviar should be taken at the optimum time of ovulation. 

“That is, the caviar should present with a glossy pearl and a perfect sphere that separates easily,” Carfaz-Foster says. 

It should also have a fresh smell that hints of the salty sea and, after warming the caviar on the palm of your hand, it should “melt across the palette and present an initial burst of salt that dissipates quickly to leave a buttery, nutty flavor.”

Given that caviar should remain the star of your appetizer, Carfax-Foster suggests keeping it simple by serving it with toasted brioche croutons, chopped chives and crème fraiche.

Step Three: Add Spice
And, no, I don’t mean cayenne pepper. Given that it is officially-unofficially still a Valentine’s Day dinner, there should be a few ingredients in your entrée that are known aphrodisiacs. 
“Sydney rock oysters on ice, dashi jelly and a good spoon of Sterling or Yasa caviar,” Carfax-Foster says. “Oh, and a glass of great champagne. My favourites are Ruinart or Krug.”

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