Shedding of Hair after the Hair Transplantation

The hair transplanted hair is the newly reborn of your hair from your own body that has a long-lasting effect and never is lost and suitability till the life. The hair loss/baldness problem has only one permanent solution and that is the hair transplants. Actually in the process of hair transplants the Surgeons take the hair roots from the safe donor portion, i.e., sides and back of the scalp that are genetically programmed to resistant to DHT (Di-hydro Testosterone) that causes the severe hair loss/baldness. After getting the transplantation done the newly regrown hair retain the characteristics of the donor site and remain sustainable for lifelong. It is a myth and confusion that after the hair transplants you may be again lost your hair. It is not true and the fact lies on some worthy points that should be kept in mind and must consult with your surgeon/Doctor before going to get the hair transplants.

Some Worthy Points related to the Hair Transplants:
Shedding Phase after Transplantation: It is very common to get the hair fall just after the one month of hair transplantation. For your kind grasp, the process id shedding of hair starts as according to the growth cycle of hair and shedding that just started after the hair transplantation is the part of it and no need to get worried. And after the completion of shedding period you are going to get your newly regrown hair back with full of natural and aesthetic look that depends upon your Surgeon’s skills and expertise that how efficiently they have done your hair transplantation. It is better to choose the good and recognized hair transplant surgeon rather than the being worried about the hair loss issues. The Medispa hair transplant centre of Jaipur is one of the best and recognized through the many World’s renowned hair restoration societies and Dr Suneet Soni is an accredited name of the Aesthetic hair transplant surgery and an advanced FUT hair transplant surgery.

Transplanted Hair doesn’t Show the Thinning or losing characters: It is very relaxing to know that once you got the transplanted hair that is taken from the safe donor portion of the scalp is destined for lifelong sustainability and never show the characters of thinning, recession and fallout. Since the hair is taken from your own body part always shows the natural and aesthetic look that has a prime benefit in the cosmetic surgery field. The hair transplant in India is gaining their importance day by day due to the modest cost of hair transplant with great outcomes. If the procedure is done by the expertise Surgeon always give you a natural output in terms of high-density hair transplant with the natural hairline design. So; it is very important to go for those Surgeon, who has many years of excellence in the field of hair restoration.

On the whole, we can say that the shedding of hair is the part of the hair growth cycle as well as a response activity after the hair transplant procedure to show the natural effect on the body as a token of the natural regrown of hair. Minimal shedding or progressively during the growth cycle of hair that can be happen at any time in the life is normal and the shedding after the hair transplant for 4-5 week is very common. Consult your Doctor/Surgeon to get the further, follow-up as a part of the treatment to check the re-growth of hair accordingly.

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