Medical Conditions that can lead to Hair Loss

Natural Hair Transplant is one of the most renowned hair restoration centers across the globe. Qualified doctors and dermatologists continuously carry on research in the centre to come up with viable solutions for continuous loss of hair. Doctors in NHT, after extensive research had come to the conclusion that, there are no single reasons which can be attributed to loss of hair in humans.  There are many reasons which are quite complex and can be attributed to loss of hair. Medical conditions can be judged as most important reasons which contribute towards a regular hair fall. Doctors have come up with conclusions that, chronic medical conditions like blood sugar; thyroid, etc can contribute largely towards a significant hair loss. For women certain other conditions can be attributed to. Women experience a large quantity of hairball in the pre as well as post menopausal stage. A detailed understanding of human metabolism is extremely necessary in order to control loss of hair.  
Below are given certain chronic conditions which are responsible for excessive loss of hair.

Iron Deficiency and Anemia
This is a typical health condition, which medical experts’ link directly with loss of hair. As a matter of fact, there is a strong link between iron deficiency in women and associated loss of hair. Production of new hair follicle requires a great deal of iron content. This iron content is often taken from blood streams. Homan beings with low iron content can actually suffer from a great deal of hair loss respectively.  

Thyroid Imbalance
This is one of the most common reasons for loss of hair. Most of the women in India suffer from high thyroid deficiencies. This is directly related to loss of hair. Thyroid functioning when improper can lead towards faulty physical and mental processes and can affect the process of hair growth. Over active thyroid can affect the hair on head and can make it look fine in appearance. Underactive thyroid can, on the contrary make your hair much brittle. However medical experts have opined that, fluctuations in thyroid level can actually be responsible for a huge amount of hair loss.

Cancer Treatment
Cancer is a very common disease, which can affect all and sundry in modern lifestyles. Treatment of cancer is often done through chemotherapy which kills cancer cells. Simultaneously this type of treatment destroys growing hair follicles. Loss of hair caused by chemotherapy can actually be controlled through reducing the temperature of the scalp. This can be done with a cold cap treatment.

Pregnancy is that stage of life which brings immense happiness to a couple. However, being pregnant by itself brings in several challenges. In the pre pregnancy phase many women experience tremendous hair loss. This happens due to hormonal changes in the body. However, in the post pregnancy stage, temporary loss of hair is experienced by most women. This is however claimed to be a passing phase.

Autoimmune Disorders
Patients with certain autoimmune disorders can experience untimely hair loss. Autoimmune disorders include diabetes, lupus, or thyroid disease, and this can affect the body metabolism in a harsh way. Some persons may experience some degree of hair loss as a precondition for a beginning phase of autoimmune disorders.  Moreover, persons with a family history of such diseases are prone towards suffering from the same, at early stages of life. Medical experts warn against such autoimmune disorders and ask people suffering from the same to be treated early.

Hair loss is a complicated issue. There can be several factors which might affect loss of hair, even at early stages of life. Effective treatment and proper diagnosis through experts can really work wonders. We at Natural Hair Transplant in delhi provide effective solutions through medical guidance. Please visit our webpage to know more.

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