Improve Business Profit by Registering Your Own Hong Kong Company

When a businessman wants to make money, he looks for ways to cut his outgoings. One of the biggest outgoings that every businessman has is the tax on the business. If there was any way to reduce this, the business will stand to profit a lot.

Huge tax savings 

The reason is simple to see. The businessman pays a tax of 20% at least. If his turnover is $500,000 then he pays a tax of $100,000 which you can see is a huge amount. Suppose you move your business to Hong Kong, you need not pay any tax on the profit. This means that you stand to gain the entire $100,000. Now, let us find out how to register your business as a Hong Kong company.

See the easy steps for the Hong Kong Incorporation for your business. First, you fill up a form saying that you have interest in opening a business office in Hong Kong. Then, you choose a service provider to arrange for the incorporation of the office. You must pay the service fee so that the company formation service provider will know your intention and what exactly you want from the new company.

Other than this, you also have to pay the incorporation fee to the government of Hong Kong and the registration fee for registering your company. You can choose the smallest package offered by the service provider. This works out to $99 and for this amount; they will register your company and hand over the Business Certificate. This allows you to begin operations in Hong Kong. You can finish the Hong Kong Incorporation fast.

Fees to pay

Your incorporation fee is $530 and the registration fee is $1,050. If you wish to send the documents and pay the fee online, then you must pay an extra $100 to send the entire thing by courier. In all, the fees come to $1700 or thereabouts.

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