Cooking Oil: The main source of Good health

Every person has own overview of Cooking Oils and its benefits, but you can get more benefit by using it in the right way. This post is written with an aim to provide you a guide on cooking oils and detailed description of various kinds of oils are prepared using Screw Oil Press Machine and why it values. How to produce natural and pure oil using the Screw Oil Press Machine?
Screw Oil Press Machine

Generally, Cooking Oils have 2 types of fats in it and all cooking oils have fats in it which can be distributed into saturated and unsaturated fats.

Saturated Fat: The general type of fat is a saturated fat. This is the common variety of fat and oils with saturated fat are mostly in solid form at normal temperature. The common reason for the same is that carbon atoms have a strong grip on the hydrogen atoms and they are staying in this form only for a long time.

Unsaturated Fat: Other kinds fats are the unsaturated fats and this type can be additionally classified into 2 various types of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. And this Oil is in liquid form only.

When you heat any oil modify its properties So oils that are healthy at normal room temperature can become harmful when burned above specific heats, so when you select a cooking oil, you have to check the oil's heat threshold limit with the temperature which will be used.

Cooking Oils are available in 14 various types like:
  1. Ghee,
  2. coconut oil,
  3. pumpkin seed oil,
  4. Grape seed oil,
  5. peanut oil,
  6. vegetable oil,
  7. sunflower seed oil,
  8. extra virgin olive oil,
  9. walnut oil,
  10.  avocado oil, 
  11. sesame oil,   
  12. hemp seed oil,
  13. flax seed oil
  14. Canola oil
Screw Oil Press Machine is producing Oil by pressing various seeds without adding any chemical to produce pure and natural Oil from seeds. Screw Oil Press Machine is also known as Mini Oil expeller and it comes with a filtration system inbuilt with the machine only. So the Oil produced by the Screw Oil Press Machine is the good for health and without any chemical, always use the processed Oil from the Screw Oil Press Machine only. Maintenance expansion of Mini Oil Mill is very less and it only needs 2-3 persons to operate it.

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So always choose the Oil pressed from the Mini Oil Mill and keep your body healthy!

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